Michael Karavitis

Published: Wednesday, August 8, 2018
Michael Karavitis
Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

truSculpt iD and ROI: Investing in Your Practice with Confidence

Whether you are an established practice or just looking into entering the field, the decision to purchase a new device for your aesthetic medicine practice should never be taken lightly. At Cutera, we pride ourselves on considering all the areas where we can provide the best experience for both patients and providers alike. truSculpt® iD is the most recent addition to our body contouring family, and it includes several key components that improve on all other existing body sculpting devices.

15-Minute Body Sculpting with truSculpt iD

Time is a valuable commodity, especially in the context of a busy aesthetic practice. With truSculpt iD, we were able to make the average treatment time for full contouring correction four times faster. Using up to six fully automated temperature-controlled handpieces at a time allows truSculpt iD to cover the abdomen or flanks in a single 15-minute treatment cycle.

truSculpt iD: Consistent Results. With the Fastest Treatment Times.

truSculpt iD meets the increasing demand for powerful non-invasive body sculpting, using proprietary monopolar radiofrequency delivery to achieve selective, and effective disruption of the subcutaneous adipose tissue. The system features a proprietary closed-loop temperature feedback mechanism to ensure that therapeutic temperatures are consistent throughout each 15-minute treatment zone. Results are visible after just one treatment, with maximum results seen after 12 weeks.
truSculpt iD before and after

Hands-Free and Hands-On Flexibility

Unlike all other body shaping systems, which only feature either one hands-free applicator or multiple sized hands-on applicators, truSculpt iD features a comprehensive array of options designed to expedite the treatment process as well as address all different body shapes and sizes. 

truSculpt iD enables you to go hands-on to target specific highly contoured or small body areas while also allowing you to switch modes to allow super-fast, automated treatment of larger body areas. This dual treatment concept approach is the most requested feature from our customers and we are pleased to deliver the first of its kind in the industry.

All of this brings us back to the bottom line — the ability to deliver one of the most in-demand treatments in aesthetic medicine with a device that’s four times faster than competitive devices with no compromise on body areas and treatment techniques. Given the choice between a system that can get the job done thoroughly in just 15 minutes versus one that can take 60 to 90 minutes per treatment with limitations on treatment areas and patient section, it’s clear that truSculpt iD is a true advancement in body sculpting.



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