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Published: Friday, July 13, 2018
Cutera Inc

Cutera: 20 Years of Innovation — Thanks to Our Customers

Cutera was founded in 1998 with one simple philosophy: develop innovative technology to help physicians offer improved outcomes to a wider range of patients. Our first breakthrough came with the development of an ND:YAG hair removal laser able to treat all skin types, including people with darker skin types or who had recently spent time in the sun. Prior to this innovation, people who enjoyed outdoor activities had to wait a month before receiving treatment. Today, that innovation is a component in the xeo® platform — more on that system later.

The company has continued to innovate by seeking out the opinion of physicians and experts in the field. We engage with them to create the ideal device to meet their practice needs and to optimize the tools they need to treat their patients. The partnership we established with leaders in the field of aesthetic medicine became the driving force behind the excel® V.

Over the years, we have maintained that ongoing conversation with our customers. We’ve sought their input as we’ve introduced new systems and refined existing devices. The xeo system is an excellent case in point. xeo is the most robust, tunable aesthetic workstation in its class. From the outset, customers select from over 20 aesthetic procedures through seven different handpieces. Not only can practices customize their options based on their specific needs today, but they also enjoy the flexibility to diversify their procedure portfolios as their practices grow.

As the aesthetic medicine field has expanded from vascular, pigment, and tattoo removal to skin resurfacing, laser hair removal, body contouring and women’s intimate care, Cutera has consistently sought clinicians’ input to develop devices designed to deliver on each customer’s investment. We begin by understanding the specific needs of aesthetic practices, and then we build our systems around those needs.

20 Years of Conversation Continues with the Cutera Blog

Our goal is to continue to connect with our customers, and the conversation continues here, on our Cutera Community Blog. Going forward, we will be hearing from leading lights in aesthetic medicine, marketing experts, and the engineering masterminds behind our family of systems. You’ll get clinical pearls that help you get the most out of your Cutera systems, information on the latest advances in aesthetic medicine, and real-world tools you can use to understand your market and create a strategy that really reaches patients and prospects. Meaningful resources and content will be added regularly, so I encourage you to check in here frequently.

We have customers who have been with us from the very beginning, and every day new practices join the Cutera team of providers. That’s because we’ve never strayed from that initial guiding principle — providing every customer with state-of-the-art devices that leverage all the latest advancements, from enlighten® SR to Secret® RF to Juliet. Wherever you are in your partnership with Cutera, we thank you — and we look with great anticipation to another 20 years of innovation and conversation.

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