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Published: Saturday, July 30, 2016
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Empower. Evolve. enlighten™. Picosecond Tattoo Removal and a High-Volume Practice

For Erasable Inc., a Med Spa based in Tampa, Florida, tattoo removal has long been their bread and butter. Loretta Zanetti, their Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, has performed thousands of laser tattoo removal procedures. Loretta is a Major in the US Army, which places heavy restrictions on visible tattoos, and many of her patients are referred to her based on her relationship with the local Army recruitment center. So why would a Med Spa with a proven track record in tattoo removal invest in a new system?

The answer is simple. Erasable Inc. discovered better technology. Erasable Inc. discovered the enlighten™ system.

Combining Nanosecond and Picosecond Technology for Optimal Clearance

Dr. Andrew Walter at Erasable Inc. explains that with their current laser systems, “a number of patients were plateauing. They would experience significant fading, but for the people who absolutely needed to get 100% removal, there were some cases that were frustrating.” For people whose tattoos were preventing them from serving their country, it was imperative that Erasable Inc. find a solution that would get the job done.

For the people who would absolutely need to get 100% removal, there were some cases that were frustrating while using the current laser systems.

That’s where the enlighten system comes in.

The enlighten is the world’s first and only system to offer both dual wavelength (1064 nm and 532 nm) and dual pulse duration (750 picosecond and 2 nanosecond). Erasable Inc. noted that the enlighten delivers more power at the nanosecond level than other systems on the market, as well as the added efficacy at the picosecond domain.

Because of this more effective combination, Erasable Inc. now has the power needed to blast ink particles during the initial treatment sessions using the nanosecond pulse duration, then employ the picosecond pulse duration to pick off those smaller particles and bring about the complete tattoo removal their patients are demanding.

Having purchased the enlighten system in July 2016, the team at Erasable Inc. is already reporting very impressive results.

“We are seeing tattoos fade in fewer treatments and in some cases, twice as fast as the conventional q-switch systems.” Dr. Walter says, “This is a game changer for us and I am delighted to have this system in our arsenal of lasers.”

enlighten tattoo removal

In addition to breakthrough tattoo removal technology, Erasable Inc. also offers a range of pricing structures designed to meet the specific needs of each patient. A full package plan can be created based on the estimated number of sessions needed to fully remove the tattoo. A three-session package is available for patients who are only looking to fade the appearance of a tattoo or simply test the waters. Individual per-session pricing is also available, which is popular for people who may not be able to afford a package or who simply wish to pay as they go.

enlighten helps Erasable Inc. maintain their position as the premier laser tattoo removal practice in central Florida.

Technology that Sets Your Practice Apart

According to Dr. Nadia Pile from Erasable Inc., bringing the enlighten system on board makes good business sense as they seek to maintain their position as the premier laser tattoo removal practice in central Florida. “Because of what we specialize in, we’ve invested in something that we think is the best on the market.” Dr. Pile states, “When you combine that technology with someone who’s got that level of experience that we do, you’re going to get a great result.” If a practice that has placed tattoo removal at the center of its treatment offerings can benefit from breakthrough enlighten technology, think what it can do for your practice.

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