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Published: Tuesday, December 19, 2017
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The Best Tattoo Removal Investment for Your Practice

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Benjamin Boudreaux prides himself on being at the forefront of technology. He was the first physician in Louisiana to own a picosecond system for tattoo removal. This laser brought him steady business to his practice, Northshore Plastic Surgery—but Dr. Boudreaux wanted to invest in a system that went the extra mile.

Because of the positive experiences he’s had with other Cutera devices, he decided to purchase the enlighten® system. Dr. Boudreaux shares the top reasons he considers this laser to be a better investment for his practice than others—even if you have already a tattoo removal system.

Patient Satisfaction

Dr. Boudreaux treats patients of all ages, from teens to soccer moms, who come to him for different reasons—whether they’re tired of hiding their tattoo or want to lighten an existing one in preparation for a cover-up.

Though Northshore Plastic Surgery brought in patients with their previous tattoo removal treatments, their numbers have skyrocketed since upgrading to enlighten.

With a fivefold increase in tattoo removal patient volume, it’s clear that patients are happy with their results and continue coming back for more.

Comfort and Efficiency

Patients say tattoo removal treatments with enlighten feel just like the rest when it comes to pain level—however, the system still has an advantage that other lasers don’t. What makes enlighten more comfortable is how quickly it eliminates ink, treating smaller areas in about 30 seconds. The laser treatment covers all bases, with nanosecond technology for breaking up large ink cells and picosecond technology for any leftover dust-like particles.

The system is also efficient by not only shortening the length of treatments, but time spent preparing for sessions as well. Dr. Boudreaux says that his old laser was more time-consuming due to having to switch out handpieces and wait for the device to warm up. Within his practice, he was also able to save his time by training and handing off treatment sessions to an aesthetician.

Better Results

Dr. Boudreaux and his staff frequently see patients who haven’t had luck with tattoo removal treatments from other competitive systems. Though these tattoos do appear faded from their previous sessions, residual ink is usually left over on the patients’ skin and visible to the naked eye. In other cases, blue and green inks can lead to hyperpigmentation.

Dr. Boudreaux and his staff noted that they typically see more failed tattoo removal treatments in areas such as the feet, ankles, and wrists.

enlighten - Tattoo Removal

Plus, this technology decreases patient downtime, as it takes minimal energy to do its job.
Other lasers need to be cranked up to eliminate recalcitrant ink, while enlighten delivers less energy and doesn’t result in blistering or other painful side effects. After two treatments with the enlighten system, there is a 40 to 60 percent clearance of the existing tattoo.

The enlighten system is able to break up the ink that other systems couldn't - no matter the color or location.

Upgrade to enlighten

The enlighten laser system combines both picosecond and nanosecond technology to safely and effectively eliminate unwanted tattoos. By correcting what other systems can’t, your practice is better positioned to keep patients happy and coming back for more treatment sessions.

If you would like to bring enlighten or other Cutera systems to your practice, attend a Cutera workshop near you! These events help educate professionals on how to integrate aesthetic lasers into their services and grow as a practice.


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