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Published: Friday, March 31, 2017
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Why Dermatologists Should Consider An Aesthetic Laser

As a dermatologist, you recognize the importance of treating skin conditions and diseases, serving as your patients’ guide to healthy skin. But even in dermatology, there is the opportunity to correct aesthetic concerns and help their overall well-being.
Anthony Rossi, M.D., a dermatologist in New York, New York, was introduced to aesthetic lasers during his time as a dermatology resident. “I think the aesthetic patient is also a dermatologic patient,” says Dr. Rossi—and now he counts on the excel® V system by Cutera for dermatologic and aesthetic concerns.

The aesthetic patient is also a dermatologic patient.

Why Have an Aesthetic Laser?

“The great thing about the excel V is that my patients really appreciate the time and the effort that I take to treat their conditions—whether it’s aesthetic purposes or dermatologic medical issues,” says Dr. Rossi.

Dr. Rossi often treats radiation dermatitis for women who have undergone breast cancer treatments—and when describing the success, one patient comes to mind. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and then treated with radiation, which resulted in severe radiation dermatitis on her chest. In addition, telangiectasia became visible on her décolletage, constantly reminding her of her battle with breast cancer.

The patient came to Dr. Rossi in hopes of finding a solution—and excel V was the answer to both her medical and cosmetic concerns. This system was able to treat the telangiectasia as well as the discoloration and hyperpigmentation from the radiation. “She’s really happy,” says Dr. Rossi, “She always tells me she’s very grateful for that technology.” His patient can now wear anything she’d like without thinking about her breast cancer treatment, which has helped the overall healing process.


“I can pretty much treat almost every patient that I see in New York with the excel V,” says Dr. Rossi. He performs several skin surgeries, which oftentimes leave a patient with scars. By having an aesthetic laser, Dr. Rossi is able to perform the initial skin surgery, as well as provide the patient with collagen remodeling to correct their scars. “I think it really tells my patients that I’m here for them,” he says, “I’m here for their pre and post—and for any other cosmetic or medical conditions they may have.”

The Dermatologist’s Aesthetic Laser of Choice: excel V

The excel V is an award-winning system that combines two laser wavelengths (532/1064 nm) to treat anything from pigmented lesions to deep vascular conditions. Taking advantage of the two best-in-class wavelengths makes for a precise and versatile system—with more than 10 treatment options for all skin types. Plus, by featuring sapphire contact cooling and CUTERA’s truPulse™ technology, the excel V is able to deliver consistent, sustained energy—as well as a comfortable treatment for your patients.

Having a system that treats multiple conditions, like the excel V, can be of great value to your practice. To learn how you can integrate aesthetics into your dermatologic practice, be sure to attend a workshop near you.


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